Tuesday, 16 January 2018

1 down, and a BOGOF

Hollyburn is finished and I love her. I still have not decided whether to add more of the bright fabric or not.

No photo yet but I found a smaller piece of blue fabric that was left from an old project and squeezed a skirt from it. I used the Delphine pattern from Tilly and the Buttons book, there will be a new book fairly soon so I will be having a look at that.

Once again I had to have a very narrow waistband, I quite like that as I do not need to interface, and I used a blue fabric to add inseam pockets.

That little blue bag on the floor is full of crushed walnut shell and it stops the door from banging into the wall.
 I have plans to replace it with something prettier but not one of those white and metal proper thingies, far too boring. I will possibly make an Owl in some bright fabrics. That will give me a reason to use my die cutting machine, it has sat unused and neglected for over 3 years!! 
Bad Pam, but it was a surprise gift, more of a shock really. It is a Big Shot Plus and I could not justify buying patchwork dies as I have a collection of rulers and templates.

Any how, I just wanted to keep you all updated and now it is time to walk Rufus, then I will be finishing off the Delphine before having a tidy up. I will need to get white thread back onto the overlocker/serger before starting the dress that is cut out, AND I completely forgot about the lining so it will be some white cotton lawn that is on top of the stack.

                   TTFN                                                Pam

PS. I found a new podcast to watch, Gaga Knits. She is from South Wales and is on a learning curve. It is knitting, crochet and sewing with a bit of Mary Berry and some lovely shots of her gorgeous little dog. Number 2 has just been posted and both episodes are worth paying a visit to.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Oopsadaisy, a near disaster.

I was in the sewing room, yesterday evening, wrestling with the printer. It just refused to print one page of a download. When I stepped back and the ironing board collapsed upon me.

It is a write off, dead, kaput, a bit like the Parrot sketch from Monty Python.

I am not too concerned as it was getting on a bit    but   resting on it were 1, the overlocker. 2, the laptop. 3, my pile of patterns and fabrics from yesterdays post.

Luckily the S O was with me and leaped to the rescue, I removed the offending board and he launched the salvage mission.

All is well, so far. He is at this very moment threading up the overlocker (with the grey thread for my skirt) and then will try it out. Fingers crossed that it all works, I can overlock on the big Janome but it is not as good as the real thing.

I cannot find a grey zip, I know that there are at least 3 somewhere, that will be over that rainbow! I refuse to buy another, apart from the cost I would have to drive out to Carmarthen and then not be certain of getting the right colour.

So in the interests of time and cash economy I will use black, as i use the lapped insertion method it will not show (although a bright red one that shows might be cool).

I will have to get a replacement board but that can wait till Wednesday when I do the hospital run. The ironing basket is empty and I can use a small table top board for the seam pressing in the mean time.

I am off now to take Rufus for a delayed walk, rain prevented the normal time but it has stopped now.

               TTFN                                                 Pam

Hip Hip Hooray, it is working like a dream as opposed to a nightmare!!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Planning, erratically.

2018 make nine, that,s all very well but Which Nine?

I am trying, some would say very trying, and I have pulled some fabrics and patterns from the stash. I have even cut 2 projects out.

First up is an old favourite, my tried and trusted Hollyburn skirt. I have made many versions of this and hacked it into a dress pattern 3 times (and will be doing so again).

The cord was deep stash and bought for cushions that never got made, I just had enough to get the main pattern pieces. The waistband is half the given pattern width and the pockets are some Christmas fabric. I just love the bright colours and the print is small enough that it doesn't scream Christmas, I may add a band of it to the hem or sew a strip onto the skirt about 3" above the hem. 


This is a new pattern, part of my "half price haul" from Hobbycraft.
The fabric is also deep stash and I will be lining this dress as it is quite lightweight. 
Like the Hollyburn this is cut out, I just need to decide on the lining.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received, I usually use a cotton lawn but read somewhere that polycotton is good.


I have had this fabric for over a year, it is a cotton jersey and I went completely crazy and ordered metres of it. (I got click happy)
I can not remember where the pattern came from, possibly a freebee from a sewing mag. I quite like a wrap dress and this will be my first jersey sewing adventure (cue my word of the year Explore).

4. & 5.

This pattern was also a half price bargain and will be made up in this cotton, if I like it I hope to get one out of the lilac print above.


The last of my half price patterns along with the deepest stash fabric that I have. I can not remember where and when this was purchased, which is shameful as it is lovely. This will probably be lined or I might make a full length slip to wear with it.


I love this vibrant print and it will become a top, probably the Grainline Hemlock Tee. I still have to print this pattern off and then try to stick it all together. I am not a lover of PDF patterns but am willing to make an exception for this.


The same applies to this print, I bought oodles of it and have used it as accents in various makes. It is high time that it stood alone as another Hemlock tee.


This is another deep stash fabric, I am reasonably certain that I bought it from The Fabric Guild in the first year that I moved to Wales. I am not sure what it will become as it is in 2 pieces, a little blip in my ordering process.

I now need to decide on the yarny list. I have almost finished my Christmas Eve cast on cardigan and once the last button has been sewn on (first I need to buy them) I will compile that list. There are 2 patterns that I need to print off and then it will be a stash diving exercise to marry yarn with pattern. I will be buying one more sweater quantity of yarn but that is for Francesca (one lot has landed) and I will share them at the same time.

I am now in serious need of tea and I have 2 cakes to make before lunch.

               TTFN                                                Pam

P.S. Just popped back to say that it is taking an age for replies to comments to get published. It was so bad at one time that I gave up altogether. It has gone down from 5 minutes each to about 1 minute. Is anyone else having this issue or am I just lucky? 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

I painted ........

and lived to tell the tale. I am not a good painter. I can cut in with a steady hand all day with no trouble but ask me to paint a wall and Oh Dear. I did persevere today and painted the kitchen, the SO was very kind and made no comment. In fairness it was a small space and I was using magnolia on magnolia, it will suffice, fingers crossed. Then I moved out into the little front garden, this had turned into a weedy, bramble infested patch. It is now weed free and I plan on raking it over tomorrow morning, if it was warmer I have several spare plants that could go in. Never mind, as the estate agents say "it is a blank canvas" well almost, there is a well established Acer and a magnificent Pieris.

The SO has a little bit of wood to finish off tomorrow and I will clean all the windows and polish the door furniture (love that expression).

Some body called today and expressed an interest in renting it, we passed their details onto the owner.

I have given the sewing room a bit of a blitz, fabric has been pulled ready to iron, next week my make 9 will commence. I am waiting for yarn to arrive and then I will show you my planned makes.

For now, all I can concentrate on is dinner, chicken and ham pie, the last of a batch made in August, mashed white and sweet potato mix with carrots, peas and calabrese. There is a mango and blueberry crumble for pudding or cheese and biscuits.

That,s it, I am off to the kitchen to "sling hash" as one of my American friends calls it.

                             TTFN                                     Pam

P.S. I had a comment, containing a link from an anonymous source I never publish such comments, I just label them as spam.

Monday, 8 January 2018

No Paint Today

Not from me at least, the SO has been slapping it on like a demon. I have been scraping a wall down ready to be primed and then painted. Then I stripped the kitchen out and had a wonderful time, up to my arm pits with sugar soap, degreaser and general purpose cleaner. The extractor fan was so thick with grease that it peeled off in long strips, sweet.

Anyway the worst is behind us, some masking tape to be applied tomorrow and then it will be time to tackle the woodwork. 

I managed to get the ribbing done on the sleeves and 4 rows of stocking stitch before the siren call of my bed was too loud to be ignored any more.

I added another 500 steps to my walk this morning and (Ben willing) will add another 500 this afternoon, in 20 minutes in fact.

I better get my tea drunk and get Ben into his coat, it is still bitterly cold here but mercifully dry.

                     TTFN                                   Pam

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Paint speckled Pam

The decorating is going well, I have a random display of brilliant white speckles. They will get washed out in the shower very soon, it is only emulsion.

There will be more tomorrow and for the rest of the week probably as we are not pushing ourselves. I am doing the cutting in so am up and down the stepladders, all good exercise.

Just out of curiosity I used my step counter thingy this morning, what a surprise. Just on the morning dog walk I did over 4,500 steps, I must have almost done it again during the day, and will be getting another 2,000 or thereabouts with the next walk.

I am very pleased with that as part of the route is up and down hill and most is at quite a good pace, Rufus likes to get a wiggle on.

I am now about to get Ben ready and then scoop Rufus up for the last outing, then it will be shower before getting dinner ready.

I have around 20 rows left on the body of my Christmas Eve Cardigan cast on (almost a tongue twister) and then will get the sleeves on the go. I aim to get the sleeve ribbing finished tonight, my least favourite part of any garment knitting.

Once my patterns arrive I will compile my 2018 make 9 list. There will be more than 9 I am certain but we will see how the year pans out.

                     TTFN                                                  Pam

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Planning ahead.

I have been reading posts and watching pod casts about planning 9 projects for 2018
Sounds like a good idea, add it to my hope of working through more of the stash and it becomes a must do, or at least have a bash at.
I sat down with note book and pen, a page for knitting and another for sewing.

The list is humongous, 12 to sew and 15 to knit. 
There are 2 quilts on the sewing list and 3 garments for Francesca on the knitting list.
I think that I need to refine my lists and have 2 in each category, one for me and one for others.

I am waiting for my new dress patterns to drop through the letter box. Once they have landed I can see how much fabric each takes and marry that to stash. I know that there are at least 3 dress lengths in there.
The same with knitting, I have more than enough jumpers worth of yarn to get me through the first quarter of the year.

One quilt will be made from my buried treasure and there will be one for a gift, mostly from stash but I will need to make a few small purchases to get colour balance.

On the knitting front I plan on making 2 Andi Satterlund patterns up for Francesca, and then the same 2 in different colours for myself. My yarn is in stash but I will be buying yarn in for Francesca.
I will set my mind to whittling the lists down to 12 each for myself and then 2 of each for gifting. That may sound a bit on the selfish side but most of my makes in 2017 were for gifting.

The house cleaning went well and the painting prep will take place tomorrow. It is a 2 bedroom house and will be done in the week, no ceilings just walls and woodwork. None of the doors need touching which is a bonus and all the windows are UPVC , excellent, I remember painting window frames T E D I O U S toe curling work.

I slipped into Ammanford yesterday, I needed a few things and as the car was pointing that way I took the easy option. Oh My Word, wise decision,  I picked up a whole maturing Brie for just over £1 reduced from £6 and in date till the end of the month. I also picked up some artisan bread for 32 p a loaf, 4 halves are now in the freezer. I love these loaves but at £1.50 I just leave them on the shelf.
Tonight,s dinner will be another one of those loaves turned into pizza, a slather of roasted garlic, some of the brie, some diced peppers and red onion and a sprinkle of grated cheddar, in the oven for 10 minutes and yum. A side dish of homemade coleslaw will give us a good meal with little work and maximum flavour.

My expenditure was less than £6 and all I need for the rest of the week is milk. A nice start to the year and a kick start to my eat the freezers down. BTW Tesco have 1 Kg bags of sweet potatoes for 79p. 

It is very cold out, when I came from dog walking my fingers were almost frozen inside my gloves. There was a sharp frost last night and it looks set for another tonight.

Keep warm and stay safe on the roads.

                       TTFN                                       Pam